Homemade cleansing and smoothing masks

Cleansing masks:

For oily skin: from oatmeal
Three teaspoons of oatmeal pour three tablespoons of boiling water, cover and set aside in cool places to cool. When the petals are already swollen and the pulp is summer, the mask is ready for use.

For dry skin: from grated apples
Peel a medium-sized, green apple (e.g. antonówka) on a fine-grated grater. Squeeze the juice from a quarter of a fresh lemon and add to the grated apple. Mix with a wooden spoon.

For sensitive skin: from sage
Pour two tablespoons of dried sage into a bowl with three tablespoons of hot (non-boiling) water, cover and set aside a cool place to cool. When the leaves swell and have a lukewarm temperature, the mask is ready.

Smoothing masks:

For oily skin: protein
Beat egg whites on a stiff foam and apply a thin layer only to the face (the skin of the neck and neckline is not oily). This mask is washed off with quite warm water.

For dry skin: from potatoes
Grate a medium-sized peeled, raw potato on a grater with the smallest holes. The whole must be mixed, because the juice can separate from the rest.

For sensitive skin: from linseed
Two tablespoons of linseed with four tablespoons of hot (but not boiling) water. Cover and put in a cool place to cool. When the water becomes oily, mix it with the seeds.

Video: Raw Eggs & Skin Care : DIY Beauty Care (April 2020).

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