House arrangement from the PRL period. See how to change a gray cube!

A "gray cube" house from the PRL period. How many of us have it, and how many people refuse to buy such a well-worn ugly pattern straight from the previous era? It does not impress with anything, except maybe the spaciousness because it usually has over 120m2 and a basement. These are probably the biggest advantages. Depending on the location, you can also buy it at a fairly good price, but what next? Living in such an ugly, well-worn house without fantasy?

Not necessarily. It's a really good base for renovation and change. I saw many houses made of different types of money. Sometimes just a renovated facade and renovation inside based on the location of the floors and coats and a new decor after complete reconstruction. Many times I was delighted and I would never say that it was the same house from the PLR ​​period.

This time I found another brilliant implementation. It certainly is not cheap to make, but maybe it will inspire you. I think it's not worth being afraid of such a house. If it is in good technical condition, it will definitely serve our family for a long time after renovation. And at this time, see the renovation on the video below.

Video: Bell's Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox (April 2020).

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