Most of us make this mistake when peeling oranges!

Usually, when we peel oranges, we try to get rid of the white skin as much as possible. This white inner layer of orange is called albedo and is a great source of pectins that bind heavy metals during digestion and regulate intestinal bacterial flora.

The white coating around the orange also contains vitamin P, which improves the absorption of vitamin C. It also has several times more fiber than the pulp itself! It also helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, eating oranges is worth leaving it and not peeling so carefully.

Oranges and health

And how does eating oranges affect our health? If you have never thought about it before, it is worth knowing that they are an excellent source of vitamin C. Therefore, it is worth eating them with a white coating because then we will absorb them more. Oranges also have a lot of beta-carotene and water. So they are perfect for cleansing our body of toxins. Oranges also provide B vitamins that are beneficial to our skin, as well as potassium that will take care of our heart.

Clever orange peeling

Many of us don't like peeling oranges. It is quite an arduous activity, the juice splashes around, and the crust does not go away easily. However, if you know a good trick, then peeling them turns out to be much easier. See how to do it on the video below :)

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