YERBA MATE first brew or how to start?

Yerba mate is a popular drink from South America, which was popularized here mainly by Wojciech Cejrowski. Tea has valuable health properties and works similar to coffee, and sometimes even better. It contains caffeine, depending on the species, up to 2 percent.

There is a rite associated with brewing and drinking yerba mate. You have to stick to specific rules when brewing yerba and a specific procedure for the first use.

Yerba mate is drunk from gourds, it's a plant. If you've ever been to the Sphinx restaurant, you've definitely noticed interesting chandeliers, they are made from the same plant. Of course, gourds to make yerba drinking vessels are smaller. Of course, you can also buy ceramic or metal gourds. However, according to the canonical version, you should drink real gourd and silver bombilla.

Bombilla is a special tube with a strainer, which is placed in the yerba mix. The strainer filters the drought, thanks to which we can drink only water without fear of sucking herbs. Now you know what the YERBA MATE set really consists of. You will need:

  • yerba mate tea mix
  • gourds
  • bombilla


How much is it? You can buy yerba mate starter kits with real gourd and silver bombilla for around PLN 100. However, if we do not know if we will want to drink it because we will be doing it for the first time, we can buy ceramic gourd and ordinary stainless steel bombilla for starters. Such a starter kit should cost around PLN 20. Usually we get 100g yerba samples for the sets. As for them, I have mixed feelings, for me it is rather production waste. The drought is very fine so it gets to bombillas often. The advantage is that we really have a chance to try some flavors, but in order not to be discouraged at the beginning it is worth buying yourself good quality dried products. You must remember that yerba will not taste you right away. It changes over time, such as when you start drinking unsweetened coffee, and then you can't go back to sugar. Yerba has a characteristic herbal taste, of course there are flavor mixes with e.g. orange or lemon aromas, but in fact the herbal taste always prevails. That's why you have to get used to him at first.

First brewing

If you have real gourd, the first brewing will take a while. We begin with filling the dish with dried material in 3/4 of its volume. You don't have to use fresh dried fruit, it may be a brewed yerba, but if you do it for the first time, you probably don't have another.

Then pour the dried water with a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. Each set comes with a kitchen thermometer to check the water temperature. However, if you do not have it, it is worth buying it because you will need it with each brewing. Fill the dish to the brim, after about 5 minutes, the herbs will absorb water and it should be topped up. Now we leave it for 12 hours.

After this time, remove the drought and use a teaspoon to gently clean the gourd inside. There may still be plant remains. The flesh is soft and slippery, it must be removed, but so as not to damage the dish.

Now rinse the gourd with water and it is ready to brew dried herbs. You can now drink your first yerba. In a moment you will learn how to brew it.

How to brew YERBA MATE

We start by filling the dish with dried herbs in 1/2 of its capacity. That is why small gourds are not so bad because we use less dried fruit in this way. More often, however, we need to add water. Such a sample bag, which you will get in a set, is enough for one yerba brew.

Now, when the dried material is tilted, tilt the vessel so that the dried material falls to one side, put the bombilla on the other side and tilt the gourd again so that the dried material covers the tip of the bombilla. Boil water and wait until it cools to a temperature of about 70-80 degrees Celsius. Depending on the type of yerba, this may be a different temperature, usually it is indicated on the package, so a thermometer will be useful more than once.

When the water is at the right temperature slowly pour the drought so as not to stir it pouring water after bombilla. Leave it for 5 minutes to brew and absorb water and pour it again.

You can drink your yerba now. In fact, you can drink one brew all day, just add water. Preferably warm at the right temperature, but once the drought has been brewed, you can also flood it with cold water to cool down, e.g. in summer. It will also release its taste. Therefore, when the water runs out, simply add some new water to it.

Alternative brewing methods for YERBA MATE

In addition to this canonical method, there are also deviations and alternative methods that say that yerba can be brewed with cold water, which gives a milder taste. You can also use lukewarm water, medium temperature and even practically boiling water. You can learn more about this from the video below. Even without a gourd and bombilla, you can brew yerba for your friends to taste what it tastes like.

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