Hair oiling - how to oil, how and why?

Hair oiling is an activity that all women can do, especially those that dye their hair. Oiling them restores their health, strengthens them and makes them look better. Oiling makes our hair look great.

What oil to oil your hair with

In my opinion, it is best suited for this almond oil. Almond oil moisturizes and improves blood flow to the scalp - this has a significant impact on the health of our hair and the amount of nutrients that reach them. It spreads very easily and is quickly absorbed, also deeply penetrates and moisturizes. It also has a very nice smell, I love it :)

Almond oil is also unsaturated acids and other nutrients for skin and hair. It is also very versatile and suitable for virtually any type of hair. There is only one problem, it is quite expensive.

How to oil your hair

In general, it is recommended to do it at night and get your hair done, and only wash it in the morning. I don't like it very much and they use a slightly different technique. I put oil on my hair in the evening, about 2 hours before bathing, comb it well and put on a bun. After 2 hours I go to wash, wash my head and after drying I go to sleep. I prefer to do so the more that the oils can irritate the scalp when they are too long so in the morning we can wake up with unpleasant ailments, and by doing it before sleeping we will simply avoid it.

There are different schools when it comes to hair preparation before oiling. The truth is that you can oil both dry and wet hair. However, on dry it is a little easier.

Also remember to use a small amount of oil, the hair is not to drip, it should be soaked, not wet. It is good to spread it and comb your hair well. Of course, the more oil we have on our heads, we must also use more. You will definitely get into practice and quickly find an amount that suits your hair volume.

If you buy almond oil, it's best that natural, perfumed oils can sensitize. You can also mix it with another oil to make it cheaper, but we always do it in a 1: 1 ratio.

How often do you oil your hair? It all depends on the condition of our hair. If they are very damaged, you can do it several times a week. However, if their condition improves or is good, even once a week is enough. The more that it is not so problematic for us then, because after each oiling you have to wash your hair. Of course, for people who wash their hair every day, this is not a problem, but there are also people who wash their hair every few days, especially when they are greasy. Too frequent washing of the hair is generally not beneficial for them because it causes too much sebum secretion, and then the hair quickly begins to get greasy.

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