A way to heat water in the garden pool for free

photo: Piotr Krysmalski

How well do we know THE POLE CAN DO! This time also one of YouTube users boasted of its clever home solution for heating swimming pool water.

Normally when we pour water into the pool it is cold. You have to wait before it warms up and you can enjoy taking a bath in it. Piotr Krysmalski, however, found a clever way to do it and used the roof tile of the garage next to him.

How it's working?

photo: Piotr Krysmalski

The design is very simple, you can even say amateur. But the idea is that it is simple and quick to adapt. Anyone with minimal manual skills will do it :)

First, water from the garden hose is led to the garden sprinkler. The sprinkler is placed on the gutter and a stream of water falls on the hot tile. Water dispersed by the sprinkler when flowing into the gutter heats up from the roof tile, and then, using a garden hose and a cut bottle, flows into the pool. In this simple way we have hot water in the pool.

See the video

Video: 3 CHEAP Ways to HEAT Your SWIMMING POOL. Swim University (April 2020).

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