Exercises to slim your legs

Do you want to effectively slim your legs? All you have to do is perform the appropriate exercises responsible for specific parts of your leg muscles. Thanks to them you will make your legs look great.


This is one of the simplest exercises that we all know. Squats involve mainly the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and calves. It's a very good way to give your legs and ass vigor and attractive appearance. Correct squatting requires that your feet touch the ground all the time (including your heels) and your back should be straight.

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Isometric squats

They look a bit like ordinary squats, but they involve shifting body weight to one side. We do it once for the right, once for the left leg. Thanks to this, we engage more muscle parts, including the hips.

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This exercise works great on the buttocks. Stand apart like in the picture and squat on your knee. Stand up and change your leg to crouch to the other knee during the next repetition.

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Exercise is similar to squats, but after squat we jump up and back to squat again. At first, you will definitely find it difficult to do this exercise, but it will work great on the muscles of your legs and even arms.

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