10 signals that may indicate that your partner no longer loves you

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Every relationship experiences worse or better moments. We wonder if our partner still loves us? Here are 10 signals that can mean that it is already very bad, and our other half no longer gives us the same feeling.

1. No affection

When a partner stops demonstrating his feelings for us, it may mean that love has gone out. It's not just about bringing flowers or gifts, but about ordinary things like kissing, hugging or going for a walk together.

2. I am not listening to you

When your partner stops listening to you, he doesn't know what you were talking about and he always thinks about something else it can be the worst symptom.

3. I'm not interested in your life

If you are not interested in your problems or even what happened to you or your plans, it can mean the end of love.

4. Blames you for everything

It's about a situation where everything is your fault. According to him, even the smallest problem is due to your cause.

5. Does not support you

Don't you feel his support? Doesn't help you achieve your goals or doesn't even support you? On the contrary, it looks like it's even bothering him?

6. Spends a lot of time away from you

Everyone has their own private life, work and other responsibilities. However, when you start spending more and more time away from home, it can mean something very bad in your relationship.

7. Plans the future but doesn't include you

Has plans for the future in which it does not take into account your existence? If you don't feel that you are part of his future it may mean that he no longer loves you.

8. Only bad times are mentioned

Every relationship has bad times and good times. However, when a partner starts to remember only the bad and remind them, it means that negative emotions are tearing him down and maybe he doesn't have the same feeling for you anymore.

9. Not translated

In a normal relationship, the partners explain their behavior because they care about each other. When one of the partners does not love the other, he does not care about it and does not want to explain.

10. He is not honest with you

Cheating on you, doing something and telling you something else? A lie is never a material on which to build a shared future. People who love each other do not behave like this.

We would like each of you to experience happiness in love, but at the same time stuck in a relationship that does not give us that we block ourselves from achieving it.

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