10 signals that your partner is in love with you

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Love is a very important element of our lives. We want to love and be loved. There is no better recipe for happiness. If you are wondering if your partner loves you without limits see if you notice these 10 symptoms of boundless love.

1. I'm interested in what you feel

A man who loves a woman is interested in what she feels and what her desires and needs are. However, he not only asks, but also listens and puts them into practice. Therefore, in this case, be honest in your answers and do not throw words to the wind.

2. Asks for your opinion

When something is important to him, he tries to find out what you think about it and takes into account your opinion in the decision making process. Including someone in your plans and listening to their opinions is one of the strongest signs of a man in love.

3. I respect your opinion

It is normal for people to have different opinions on different topics. However, in a relationship it is important to respect the second half's opinion. Therefore, when it not only listens to your opinion but also counts with it, it means that it loves you.

4. Trying to spend free time with you

Many men like to devote their free time to their own entertainment and pleasure. However, if he prefers to spend this time with you, it really is a sign of a lot of love.

5. Changes your plans for you

Can change all your plans just because it will be better for you? You don't have to wonder anymore, he loves you immeasurably :)

6. I want you to know his friends

The partner is not always trying to meet his partner with a group of his friends. Sometimes this can mean that he just doesn't feel well with himself and may need to maintain a relationship because of work. However, if it draws you in its company and wants to brag about you, it is something :)

7. Has a slight obsession with you

Sometimes it may seem irritating, but a slight obsession with a partner has not hurt anyone :) Very loving men just have it. The problem starts when you get too jealous and want to control you, then you have to set specific boundaries.

8. He makes gifts for you without occasion

There is no opportunity and he brings you some gift or flowers? It means that he is very in love :)

9. He talks to you often

Conversation is very important in a relationship. After all, you'll be doing it most of your life with you. Therefore, when a man talks to you, it means that you have common topics, are interested in you and feel good in your company.

10. Compliments you

If a man complements you often, it means that he loves you very much and you are still an object of desire for him :) Therefore, listen carefully to his words because it is hard for some people and often they smuggle compliments in jokes;)

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