A 90-year-old woman distributes leaflets on the street because she is not enough for medicine. This matter is worth publicizing!

This is a story that is worth a sound system. Not only because this woman is hard, but because it can happen to all of us. For now, we work, we make ends meet. But later it may turn out that from a pension or retirement it is not enough for us to maintain our health.

Will we face a choice, pay for electricity or buy medicines that we need? Any choice, anyway, is really bad. That is why the story of this woman caused such a great stir on the network, and for the first time she was presented by Liana Hakobyan on Facebook. The film already has over 200,000 views. Watch it below.

An elderly woman, aged 90, stands in court and gives out leaflets to buy medicine. In such a State we live where some people get money for doing nothing, and while others need and have lived their lives in this country paying taxes, they do not receive any help in old age.

About it was notified Social Welfare Center of the Śródmieście District. prof. Andrzej Tymowski. We hope that something in this woman's life will change now. However, remember that this is not the only case, and there are thousands of such people. And if we who today have a voice, access to media and strength, we will do nothing. In the future it may happen to us the same fate. Therefore, let us not pass by indifferently. Today, just upload a photo or video on Facebook to publicize the whole matter. Each of us can be such a spark that will ignite a fire.

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