How to replace an egg?

If you can not or do not want to use eggs, you can successfully replace them with other products.

Canned chickpeas are perfect for this role; you can not only throw it into the cake as an egg, but even beat it like meringues. Although in this case, whipping will take a little longer than with a real egg, the effect will be much more spectacular (the liquid from the chickpeas increases in volume more than egg white).

Another interesting idea is the use of Spanish sage beans, i.e. chia (to buy in hypermarkets and some discount stores). In this case, you can not count on meringues, but chia can be stored much longer than cans with chickpeas (and take up much less space). How it's working? The procedure is extremely simple: just pour one tablespoon of chia into a glass and pour three tablespoons of water over it. After a few minutes, the beans will release a kind of gruel, which will perfectly replace as in any recipe. Bon Appetit :)

Video: How To Replace An Egg In Baking. 1 Minute Tips. Four Spoons Bakery (April 2020).

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