How to shave properly

There are many ways to do hair removal, but most often we choose shaving. It's the fastest and cheap. However, the question arises: how to shave properly? Unfortunately, when shaving, we make mistakes that later cause pimples or inaccurate shaving and rapid hair regrowth. Today we will tell you how to shave properly.

1. Lack of skin moisturizing before shaving

This is one of the frequent mistakes he makes, and he is guilty of hurry. Therefore, it is better to take a warm shower first. Thanks to this, the device will better grip the hair, thanks to which the legs will be longer smooth.

2. You don't remove dead skin

After bathing, if you want to shave, you should first use peeling. Thanks to this, we soften the skin, remove dead skin and discover most of the hair. Thanks to this, the shaving effect will also last longer.

3. Shaving too fast

Are you in a hurry and rushing with the machine as if you were mowing the lawn? It is not good. You should slowly move the razor on your skin to shave your legs as accurately as possible. Thanks to this, you will not only hurt yourself and do not irritate the skin, but also keep the shaving effect for longer.

4. Shaving sick skin

If your skin is sick. Are there any inflammations or irritations or wounds on it? It is better to take care of their removal and healing first, and then shave your legs. This will help prevent unpleasant infections.

5. You forget about skin care after shaving

After shaving, it is not enough to rinse your skin with water. Take care of your skin. Apply a cream or lotion that contains allantoin, D-panthenol and chamomile extract. Works great on irritated skin. Thanks to this, after shaving, it will be perfect and you will prevent pimples that often appear.

6. Blurry machine

How many times do you use a disposable bag? It's best to replace it every time. A blurred machine will only tear your hair instead of cutting it perfectly against the skin. You can also try this method that will help you use the disposable device longer.

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