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Inflammation of the corners of the mouth are commonly called zajadami. This change involves cracking of the skin at the corners of the mouth, usually on the right and left sides. Erosions are formed which can be caused by yeast. They can also result from cancer or nickel allergies found in metal cutlery. People with weak immunity and vitamin deficiencies are more often exposed to them. Today we will tell you how to fight the bites and make them disappear.

How to fight bouts

How do you recognize that I'm eating? You will know for sure. At the corners of the mouth, erosions will appear that will be painful. In addition, during wide opening of the mouth, the skin will also crack which will cause pain. There will also be problems with food or drink. Hot drinks and some products can cause irritation of the morning open in this place, which gives an unpleasant feeling and effectively discourages food. Even when the erosion begins to heal, yawning again you can tear it. That is why you have to fight fights and it is usually not a big problem.

Strengthen your immunity

Most often the reason for their creation are decreases in immunity. Therefore, let's start with strengthening it first. The basic building block of our immunity, despite appearances, is sleep and rest. If you sleep too little, it means less than 7 hours a day, do not count on the fact that you can rebuild it quickly. During sleep, the number of lymphocytes increases, and interestingly, they are stimulated by melatonin, so that it is produced, we need to sleep in the dark. From here comes a simple conclusion - sleeping in the light can disrupt immunity. Think about it if your child is often ill. That is why people who work at night and sleep during the day have frequent infections.

The second method to strengthen immunity that costs you nothing is simply to harden the body. If you sit at home all day, then go out and catch colds, it's a sign that you just don't spend enough time outside. Do not worry about the frost, dress properly and go for a walk. In this way you will harden your body. This includes physical activity, which also improves immunity.

In addition, add to your diet vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants that build our immunity. You mainly need vitamins such as A, C and E. Silage, e.g. pickled cucumbers or cabbage, is also valuable. They contain probiotics that improve the intestinal bacterial flora and strengthen immunity. Also eat foods rich in zinc, iron and vitamin B2, their deficiencies promote the formation of bites.

Don't lick your lips

If you refrain from this, you limit the conditions that are ideal for the development of yeast. They like warmth and moisture. If you wet your lips with the corners of your mouth, you really harm yourself. We do it to give ourselves temporary relief, but it's better not to use this method. Instead, you can lubricate the corners of the mouth with honey, which is bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. In addition, it will give us a feeling of relief and moisturize the skin, which will not break so easily.

Aloe vera gel also works great. This is another reason why you should grow aloe vera. We wrote here about how to do it at home. This is a very grateful plant that does not require much commitment. In addition to fighting with bites, it will help us with other problems and support our beauty. If you are interested in more information about the influence of aloe on health and beauty, we invite you to this article.

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