How to deal with fibromas

Fibroma is a form of benign tumor that arises from connective tissue. There are two types of fibromas, soft and hard. Soft fibromas they appear in different places and at different ages, have an innate character. It is a small fold of skin that often grows on the eyelid or armpits, as well as the neck and neck. They will not be absorbed by themselves. Hard fibromas however, they appear regardless of age and are reactive. Unlike the soft ones, which often occur in a group, they are loners. They can be easily distinguished. It is enough to press them, if the fibroma goes deep into the skin, it is soft fibroma, if it cannot be pressed into the skin, it is hard fibroma.

Treatment of fibroids

Fibers are an aesthetic problem. That is why nothing is usually done with them unless they occur in a place that disturbs us or disturbs our sense of self-worth. Their removal is painless and does not pose any threat. This is a simple procedure that is used after consulting a dermatologist. There are several ways to remove it: cryotherapy, laser therapy, electrotherapy. Fibromas are also surgically removed. This method is used for large fibromas. Small ones are better removed otherwise small scars do not remain.

Home remedies to remove fibroma

There are also home remedies recommended by many people for removing fibroma. One of them is use apple cider vinegar. The use of this treatment is very simple. Before that, we clean the skin where the fibroma occurs, and then apply a cotton swab moistened with apple vinegar. We leave it for a quarter of an hour, we can stick it with a plaster so that it does not fall. The procedure should be repeated three times a day. After some time, the fibroma will get darker and eventually it will fall off by itself.

Unfortunately, the treatment can last even several weeks, and when the scab appears, we do not pick it and do not put vinegar on it. We are simply waiting for it to fall off itself. Later, apply calendula ointment or aloe vera gel to this area to prevent scarring.

Remember not to use this treatment around the eyes. Interestingly, you can get rid of warts and warts in the same way. However, if we want to get rid of it quickly, it remains for us to visit a medical center. Prices vary and it all depends on the city, as well as the point where you decide to remove the fibroma. Prices usually start from 50-100 PLN for one change. For more fibromas, do not multiply the price times the number of fibromas. Most offices provide more expensive packages for multiple shifts, but they are much more profitable. Then, however, we are sure that we will get rid of fibroma during one visit.

Contraindications for surgery

  1. pregnancy
  2. skin prone to scarring
  3. pacemaker
  4. impaired blood clotting
  5. impaired blood circulation
  6. diabetes
  7. epilepsy
  8. antibiotic or steroid treatment
  9. use of photosensitizing drugs

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