Baking soda on aphids. Try this way!

How to get rid of aphids? You can use baking soda for this. Baking soda on aphids is a proven gardening trick that many people use to deal with these pests in their garden. It is not difficult!

Baking soda on aphids

When aphids appear in our garden, we would like to get rid of them as soon as possible. They harm our plants by drinking life-giving juices from them. Aphids are very fertile so you should start fighting them as soon as possible. They create several generations only in one season. Therefore, it is worth systematically looking at plants and assessing whether these pests appeared on them. When you see them, start exterminating them immediately.

Although they have their natural enemies such as ladybugs, they may not be able to deal with them themselves. Of course, we can try to prevent their appearance. They appear at the beginning of spring and often weeds in the garden are their only food. Therefore, they should be removed regularly. Once they appear in addition to all sorts of chemicals on the aphid, you can also try the home-made baking soda, which many gardeners recommend.

Baking soda should be dissolved in water. For every 500 ml of water, give two teaspoons of soda. Then pour the solution into the atomizer bottle and spray the plants that have seated the aphids. However, this is not the only way you can use.

Onion or garlic extract on aphids

Onions or garlic repel aphids. As for onions, just shells are enough. Collect 200 g of shells, then pour 10 liters of water in a pot. Boil for 30 minutes after boiling and when it cools, spray the plants on which aphids appeared. Instead, you can also use 200 g of garlic, but you must squeeze it.

Tobacco extract

If you smoke, you can use what you have gathered in an ashtray to fight aphids. You can also use 12 cigarettes, pour boiling water over them and leave. Then, after cooling with water, spray the plants with aphids.


It is also a good way to get rid of aphids. 4 grams of dandelion should be poured with 10 liters of water and let stand for a few hours. Then we spray the plants with such water.

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